Omnix is a Partner of FARO® in the UAE region.

3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions from FARO drive real-world productivity and improve quality control, inspection processes, reverse engineering, accidents reconstruction, and BIM (Building Information Modeling).

FARO's industry-leading portable 3D measurement technology combined with the advanced software applications for 3D scanning, metrology, photogrammetry, and 3D modeling provides unmatched capabilities to capture information accurately and transform it into knowledge fast.

Faro Scene software
Scanning registration software


  • A convenient one-stop-shop for all of your measurement, design, and modeling needs.
  • Empowering manufacturers and product development professionals to fully control the quality and accuracy of the products
  • Bridging the gap between physical and digital product creation from concept to production.


  • FARO scene software solutions UAE help companies understand products and processes better.
  • Making professionals more productive and more innovative.
  • Creating better 3D models, digitizing their documentation, & enabling real-time collaboration.

Industry Standing

  • An industry leader and scanning registration software provider for more than 35 years.
  • Providing premium 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technology across industries.
  • Offering an arsenal of powerful tools such as Faro Arm to FARO® Laser Tracker to FARO Edge that take precisely measured data

FARO Laser Scanners

Faro Scene software

While solutions are available to capture data, you still need the right tools to process this data. Faro Scene, FARO SCENE LT Software, FARO Zone 3D Forensics Mapping Software, and the new FARO Laser Tracer all make it possible for you to analyze the acquired data, present your findings and publish reports and presentations.

Our FARO As-Built Software Suite enables you to easily create as-built and existing conditions documentation that can be readily reviewed, reused, and relied upon by your firm.

FARO SCENE software allows you to process the point cloud data from your FARO 3D laser scanner and create a 3D colorized point cloud for manipulation and analysis. The software simplifies reverse engineering, design, quality control, prototyping, assembly/installation instructions, and field measurements.

Streamline the construction verification process by easily and accurately aligning designs with as-built conditions on-site, saving time and costs. FARO Build IT Construction lets you visualize, measure, and compare scans to models with ease to better understand construction progress and ensure the quality of your projects at every stage.

FARO WebShare Cloud is a secure cloud services platform for sharing and collaborating on point clouds, models, and files, as well as managing project data. WebShare Cloud allows you to combine the power of FARO products with today’s most popular web-based collaboration tools like email and chat.

Omnix Engineering is a global provider of BIM, Scan-To-BIM & Revit Modeling Services for the AEC industry. As a firm that is deeply involved in architecture, construction, and real estate development, we take pride in our ability to create a unique digital experience for each project.

Target Industries

Oil & Gas

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