Project management solution for engineering and construction professionals in the UAE

Bluebeam offers smart project management tools through Omnix company who is a Value Added Reseller for construction and engineering teams. Using the tool will help teams to be on top of the project at all times. These tools facilitate teams to stay connected, keep track of the project progress, keep the data secure and share receive and edit documents as and when needed. Bluebeam PDF Markup tools and High-performance computing tools provide a holistic Project management solution for engineering and construction teams so that they don’t have to juggle between multiple software and get everything they need in one place, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and productivity.

Increase Project Efficiency

  • Bluebeam® PDF Markup tool allows you to Redline 2D and 3D PDFs with customizable text, clouds, callouts, CAD symbols, images, and stamps.
  • You can view all annotations in one customizable list you can sort, filter and export.
  • You can copy, paste, remove and edit text and vector content in PDFs.

Seamless Communication

  • Annotate a single document with users across the globe, simultaneously, in real-time.
  • Create custom annotations for fast, consistent formats to share with project partners.
  • Invite project partners to connect anytime, anywhere to keep the entire team in sync.

Process Automation

  • Bluebeam® drawing tools let you identify the differences between two drawing revisions automatically.
  • Always share the most recent versions of the documents.
  • Split your screen up to 16 times to view different sections of a PDF at the same time on multiple monitors. Sync tabs to pan and zoom in unison.

Simplify Tasks with Secure Global Collaboration

Bluebeam® offers a comprehensive set of management solutions under one umbrella including document management software that lets you manage documents securely on the cloud with zero hassle. Bluebeam® Contractors management Software lets all the stakeholders review designs, manage drawings share approvals, and track performance seamlessly.

Managers can make use of high-performance computing software to increase the project pace in the planning phase. Bluebeam® has everything that architects, engineers, contractors, and project owners need to increase the efficiency of the projects and get the job done in a faster and better way.

Construction teams that are using automation solutions by Bluebeam® record a 50% decrease in the time spent on revisions, approvals, and information sharing. Empower your construction team with powerful tools that allow you to act faster, collaborate smarter, and generate better results.

Bluebeam® is a holistic automation solution for all construction teams covering each and every facet of any project, providing tools for all the stakeholders starting from architects, engineers, estimators to project managers, contractors, and owners to plan, execute and manage projects while seamlessly collaborating, communicating and sharing information under one umbrella.

Omnix is a leading management software provider in the UAE and is also the licensed distributor of Bluebeam® automation software in the UAE. You can choose from Bluebeam® Revu 20 Standard, Revu 20 CAD, or Revu 20 eXtreme depending on your specific project needs.

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